Sunday, February 12, 2006

For more Beautiful Eyes-Mascara


Factors in the selection of mascara:
2. curling
3. thickening
4. lengthening

Colors to choose from:

1. Black
2. Brown
3. Navy Blue


1. Apply two coats of mascara, allowing the first coat to dry before
applying the second to avoid clumping.

2. Use q-tip for mascara that brushes onto the eyelids or underneath.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

How To Make Perfect Lips -FAQs

How To Make Perfect Lips FAQs
Q: How do you make lips look fuller?
A: Use lip liner. Blend the edges with a sponge applicator after lining the lips. Apply gloss or petroleum jelly.

Q: How can I keep my lips going all day?
A: Use soft pencil all over the lips before applying lipstick. Blot.

Q: How can I keep lipstick off my teeth?

A: Shape your lips into an "O". Put your finger covered with a tissue into your mouth. Slowly twist it out to eliminate excess color.

Q: I want to have pouty lips to look sexy, how can do it?

A: Put emphasis on the top lip by dabbing a touch of gloss in the center.

Q: What should I do, I have uneven lips?
A: Use two shades of lipstick. Apply the lighter side to the smaller-sized lips.

Q: After dining, my lipstick is all wiped out, help.

A: Keep lips off utensils. Use your lower teeth and tongue to do the food handling.

Q: Do I need to use lip liner all the time?
A: You can use foundation around the lips to give a precise look without lip liner.


Friday, February 10, 2006

Beautiful Lips

Beautiful Lips

There are several things that can be done to make the not-so-perfect
lips beautiful. Some of them are:

1. Use a thin layer of Chapstick. It gives moisture as it heals
and protects the lips from chafing and dryness.

2. Use powder lips. They give lip color and gloss aside
from making lipstick cling for longer and smoother wear.

3. Blot lips after applying lipstick to set color and remove

4. Add a thin layer of loose or pressed powder then apply
the color again for longer wear.

5. Remove too much shine with a tissue with a little
loose powder just enough for the color to adhere and the shine


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Skin Blemishes

Skin Blemishes-Acne

Acne is not purely for teenager. An adult acne is a chronic condition.
Although there is a saying that it is beauty inside that matters, the
unsightly blemishes and scars contribute to the insecurities of ladies
about their physical appearance.

While there are several anti-acne product lines in the market, the
most effective way of fighting this skin blemish is thru regular program
of preventive maintenance to loosen oil plugs and acne causing
bacteria that clog the skin pores.

With a soft wash loth and a mild soap such as Dove oe Neutrogena,
keep the pores as clean as possible.

Some find cleanser that contains salicylic acid helps loosen plugs
of debris. An antibacterial lotion that contains benzoyl peroxide
prevents new blemishes to form .

Accutane was found to be very effective for acne but its use
is restriced because it can cause birth defects aside from decreased
night vision and pink eye.


Treatment of Acne


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Fix the Damaged Hair

Fix the Damaged Hair

If it is broken, fix it.

1. Hair with product build up

Constant shampoing and conditioning result into product build up in
your hair. For natural treatment, try rinsing your hair with green
tea or from your favorite beauty supplies section grab one shampoo
that says, CLARIFYING SHAMPOO. This is a hair therapy shampoo
that contains anti-oxidants similar to that of the green tea.


1. Green Tea Shampoo
2. Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo for Normal to Oily Hair

2. Deep Treatment

Strengthen your locks by filling in damaged spots with protein.
Use Overnight repair intensive treatment once a week before
going to bed. Apply and let it stay for 15 minutes.
Rinse off the excess by running your hair under water. Then dry.

1. Pantene Pro V
2. L'oreal

3. Hot Oil Treatment

Do you have dry, sun parched hair?

Fix it. Once a week before you shampoo, moisturize your damp hair
with hot oil for at least five minutes. Then shampoo and condition.

Some products have their own directions for use.


1. Finesse

2. Nutrogena

3. Therma Silk
4. Dove

4. Gloss rinse

Does you hair color fade before your next hair color treatment?

Add shine to your hair by coating your hair with relective ingredients.

1. Nutrogena

2. Salon Selectives

*** Note: The purpose of linking some hair therapy products is for
the reader to see what ingredients to look in their shampoos and
conditioners that would best apply to their hair types and conditions.