Friday, November 17, 2006

Getting the right hair cut

Getting the right hair cut

My hairdresser did not change my hair cut ever since the first time I stepped in his beauty saloon.
He said that my hair cut is classic. It won't change even with the new hair styles that come and go.
Besides, he said, the secret of forever looking young is the hair cut that has already been your signature.

In choosing the right hair cut, the following have to be looked into:
1. Body build
If you are big and tall, having short hair will show the massive neck and nape. The attention will be focused on the cropped head. Wear your hair at least at shoulder length. The hair can cover the extra poundage in the cheeks and make the face look slimmer.

2. Lifestyle
If you are a busybody and has only a few minutes to spare to fix your hair, keep it short or have it cut layered so it will have a body even without using curlers.

3. Eyeglasses

Choose a hair cut that will compliment your eyeglasses.


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