Friday, November 24, 2006

Tips for Straight Hair

Tips for Straight Hair Care

For drying:
1. To create volume
1.1 use mousse or thickening gel. Apply on the roots of the hair and part the hair as drying is done.
1.2. Tip your head upside down for the last two minutes of drying Put your dryer in the cool setting.

2. For sleek look
2.1 Dry hair with a dryer with a nozzle.
2.2 Do the last minute of your blow-drying on the cool setting with the nozzle facing downward.

For Shampoo
1. Use mild or gentle shampoo. This can be used daily because most likely it is low in detergents and high in moisturizers.
2.You can also use moisturizing shampoo without the need of using conditioners.
3. If you want to put bounce on the hair, use thickening shampoo. It has an ingredient panthenol
which penetrates the hair roots.
2. Make the last rinse a cold one.
3. Use shine serums.

For colors and highlights
1. Add volume to the hair by mixing highlights and lowlights in different shades. This mixture
creates depth and texture.

For Brushing
Flat paddle with wide bristles is the perfect brush for straight hair.

Don'ts for straight hair
Do not use products with alcohol in the top three ingredients.


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